Welcome to my developer page

I am a freelancer computer science engineer, developing solutions and resolving situation in order to provide you a working tool. My background includes a computer science degree in T├ęcnico Lisboa, as I am currently enrolled on my MSc. I have been working with several programming languages for the past 4 years, and am now specializing on the Systems Administrator area, and also on Interface Development, which is the topic related to my MSc.
I am also working at INESC-ID Lisboa, VIMMI department, have been a member of HackerSchool IST for the past 2 years, and am a member of OpprDev.

User Interface Engineer

Interfaces is a major part in my life. I have been interested in them since I’ve known them. During my degree in Computer Science, I have started developing in this area. The investment continues with my Masters Degree, as I have been combining augmented reality with interfaces, creating a new experience for the end user. Besides that, I have been developing on the latest technologies, including HTML5, bootstrap, different frameworks and also full stack solutions, including CMS and even online shopping solutions.


We have the answer !

During college, a group of friend, all of them from computer science, joined together and create a brand called oppr. This is in honor of the great Grace Hopper. At oppr, we create solutions for the problems our clients have. We have a large team of developers, and each of them specialises in a different focus area. From the mobile apps developer to the SysAdmin server deployer, we have a broad catalogue, and we are able to advise on what our customers might need, even if that includes redeveloping a project from scratch.

Bruno Cardoso

I am 24, born in Madeira, Portugal.
I have moved to Lisbon in 2011.
My other interests in life are airplanes, where I frequently read technical books and do a bit of plane spotting when time allows. I am also at IVAO’s Portuguese Staff